Thursday, October 7, 2010

Distro Update/Future Plans

Pretty hefty update coming up shortly including releases from Lifetime Problems, Third X Party Records, Feral Kid Records. Check the online store link up above!

Don't forget about this weekends shows in Chicago:
Friday 10/8 Not Fest @ 2106 S Kedzie
Saturday 10/9 -/-, Pukeoid, Raw Nerve @ 2106 S Kedzie
Sunday 10/10 XXX Fest w/ Poison X Planet, Vital Error, Rzor X Fade, Noose, Sorry Exucse and others. @ Locked Out

Upcoming Releases:

NN#008 - These Are The Voices In The Back Of Your Head -  (Somewhat) International Hardcore Comp.  15 tracks from 12 bands, all mandatory.  Featuring: Bog People (OR), Intifada (IL), Libyans (MA), Much Worse (MN), Positive Noise (MI), Raw Nerve (IN), Rayos X (CA), Renegades of Punk (Brazil), The State (MI), Timebombs (CA), Ultratumbados (IL), and UX Vileheads (Sweden).
Coming September-October.
UPDATE: Tapes ordered, just waiting on artwork!

NN#00-  - Mujeres Collection Tape - These fellas have been tearing up the Iberian peninsula for some time with their brand of Sonics-infused, high-energy rock 'n' roll for some time, and it is our honor to introduce them to you.  Collects their demo, 7 inch, and recent LP.
Coming Fall 2010

NN#00 - RazorXFade - The next release from these Chicago Straight Edge ragers.  True believers, this is not to be missed. 
Coming late 2010/early 2011.
Soon we will have a section for all releases, release info, and mp3's.

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