Saturday, November 27, 2010

All Build-Up, No Climax

All orders will be shipped out Monday.  Sorry for any and all delays.

I want to start this post by talking about our two oft-delayed, yet still forthcoming releases.

NN#008 - These Are The Voices In The Back Of Your Head - (Somewhat) international hardcore punk comp.  15 tracks from 12 bands, all mandatory.  Featuring: Bog People (OR), Intifada (IL), Libyans (MA), Much Worse (MN), Positive Noise (MI), Raw Nerve (IN), Rayos X (CA), Renegades of Punk (Brazil), The State (MI), Timebombs (CA), Ultratumbados (IL), and UX Vileheads (Sweden).  UPDATE: Tapes ordered.  Artwork all but finished.  Cases being screened within the month.
Release: December

NN#009 - Mujeres - Collection Tape - These fellas have been tearing up the Iberian peninsula for some time with their brand of Sonics-infused, high-energy rock 'n' roll for some time, and it is our honor to introduce them to you.  Collects their demo, the "3 Canliones de Muerte" seven inch, and the self-titled LP.
UPDATE: Now includes their newest seven inch.

And now, we proudly present to you the latest additions to our ever increasing queue of releases.

NN#00X - RazorXFade LP - For our "milestone" tenth release, we will be trekking into the oversaturated and underwhelming world of vinyl records.  And what better way to kick it off than with Chicago's own RazorXFade.  As the ushers of a new era of Straight Edge HardCore, The Fades knew they could not rest on the laurels of their demo (one of the best demos of 2010).  Nor could they simply retread the territory they already had, and throw themselves to the depths of mediocrity.  True believers, I've heard the tracks, and let's just say Springtime is for moshing.
Coming Late Winter/Early Spring 2011

NN#011 - Dead Possession #2 - An exercise in soapbox preaching and ego stroking.  Featuring interviews with Chicago's Pop-Punk Golden Children Boilerman, internet sensations Fuck Yeah PILFS, a reprint of some band called the Effigies from Chicago, plus the 15 most punk records of all time.
Coming Late 2010/Early 2011

NN#012 - Pukeoid EP - The return of "Rapid Dog Punk Rockers" Pukeoid.  Surely, if your ears weren't ravaged enough after their intense and perfectly-Midwestern demo from earlier this year, their next release is sure to do the trick.  Seven songs, seven minutes. 
Coming Spring 2011

NN#013 - Night Fever Cassette - Weirdo music for weirdos, spawned from the only womb that could handle it, Northwest Indiana.  Keyboard driven punk, sans pretension and trust-funds.  Run, Don't Walk, from Night Fever.
Coming Spring 2011

Futuresight: Cassingles, Pittsburgh weirdness, and Raw Nerve comes home.

Plenty more updates soon.
Keep your eyes peeled for a huge update coming within the month.

Meanwhile, Guinea Kid EPs and Gold RazorXFade tapes are down to their final copies.  Get 'em while you can.


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