Saturday, September 17, 2011

NNT Update.

Hello again, True Believers.  Despite a tremendous amount of time passing since our last update, we’ve been busy as ever.  Where to fucking start? 
First things first: all Pre-orders have been shipped.  Orders placed on or after 8/28 will be shipped this coming Monday, 9/19.  Hope you enjoy your packages.

So, now that the essential Midwest slop of a slab, Pukeoid – Rabid EP, and the devastating, viscerally intense debut LP of RazorXFade have seen the light of date, and have had some time to destroy your ear drums, it’s about time we announce our next batch of releases.  We proudly present our next FIVE releases!

NNT#012 – Condenada – Discografia - After two records, the rumors were swirling (mostly among our own lame brained friends) that we had forgotten our proud and (self)-lauded trade of tape making. Nonsense ramblings from a buncha fucking mutants, and we're proud to announce our return to the tape world, Condenada - Discografia. 15 track pro-tape covering their entire recorded output (Condenada EP, split w/ Sin Orden, Mother Tongue, and an abandoned split w/ CA's Bruise Violet). Absolutely punishing, driving hardcore punk from Chicago, these ladies were/are a force to be reckoned with. Do yourself a favor and pick this up.

Coming Late September/Early October

NNT#013 – Recide – Demo #2 - The great nation of Texas has long been home to some of history's greatest HC Punk bands. Recide continues that proud tradition by blasting through seven tracks in under seven minutes of Koro/Void influenced jams. No nonsense, no frills, just the anxiety and desperation spawned from being young weirdos from the middle of nowhere.

Coming late 2011

NNT#014 – Self Abuse – Demo - American repress of Sweden's Self Abuse 2010 Demo. Seven burly, pissed off tracks, along the lines of 86 Mentality or Urban Blight.
Coming Late 2011

NNT#015 – Dead Possession #2 – An exercise in soapbox preaching and ego stroking,  DP  #2 goes even further in making unfounded declarations of what’s hip and good than the first ish.  Interviews with Boilerman, Brown Sugar, Nomos, and Skrapyard.  A write-up on some of the more productive, can’t miss, and noteworthy U.S. bands/scenes.  Shit-talking.

Coming Late 2011.

NNT#016 – Poison Planet – Boycott Everything 12” EP - Our first co-release (w/ ThirdXParty Records) is the American pressing of Poison Planet - Boycott Everything. Five tracks of intense, ripping Hardcore that sounds like CoC and Discharge really dug the Plastic Surgery Disasters LP. Uncompromisingly political, PxP is out to prove that the Vegan Straight Edge isn't about bullshit dunks or dogmatic assholes, but making a conscious effort to fight back against the industries and institutions that have their boot to your fucking neck.

Poison Planet - Boycott Everything will be a one-sided 12", with screen printed B-Side, and an accompanying Flexi.

We can fight, We can win.

Coming Late 2011

Also, NNT is proud to announce our new subscription plan.  It’s been up in the webstore for a few days now, but I think it could stand some clarification.  A subscription gets you, roughly, a year’s worth of Not Normal releases.  Roughly is used because the subscription’s contents depend entirely on the amount of releases and the speed at which we can get them released. 
As of right now, subscribers can expect: Condenada –Discografia, Recide – Demo #2, Self Abuse – Demo, Dead Possession #2, and the Boycott Everything 12” EP, as well as 3-6 upcoming, unannounced releases.  Subscribers will also gain access to subscriber only vinyl colors/packaging, posters, flexis, patches, and more.  The first subscriber only freebie is in the works, a flexi release of one our favorite bands.  The price of subscription includes shipping costs.  Hope that serves to demystify the plan a bit.

We’re also working to get the website back in order.  Expect us to update it soon with sample tracks of the new releases, reviews,

Check out our webstore over at  We’ve updated it with an insane amount of the great releases, and we’ve got another update coming in the next week or so.

Futuresight: Outs demo repress, rabbit food, and fastcore chaos.

-Ralph and NNT

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