Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's been over two months since I've updated, but please believe we've been busy as hell.  Lot's going on over at NNHQ, so I'll just get right to it.

First things first, our two newest releases.  The Condenada tape is officially out.  Total discography of one my all time favorite Chicago Hardcore bands.  This one is not to be missed.

NNT#012 - After two records, the rumors were swirling (mostly among our own lame brained friends) that we had forgotten our proud and (self)-lauded trade of tape making. Nonsense ramblings from a buncha fucking mutants, and we're proud to announce our return to the tape world, Condenada - Discografia. 15 track pro-tape covering their entire recorded output (Condenada EP, split w/ Sin Orden, Mother Tongue, and an abandoned split w/ CA's Bruise Violet). Absolutely punishing, driving hardcore punk from Chicago, these ladies were/are a force to be reckoned with. Do yourself a favor and pick this up.
Buy Here
Listen Here
The Recide demos are nearing completion.  Endless apologies to all pre-orders, but thanks for holding tight for this certified rager.
NNT#013 - The great nation of Texas has long been home to some of history's greatest HC Punk bands. Recide continues that proud tradition by blasting through seven tracks in under seven minutes of Koro/Void influenced jams. No nonsense, no frills, just the anxiety and desperation spawned from being young weirdos from the middle of nowhere.
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Listen Here.
*Note on the aforementioned delay: Because our methods have improved and NAC's turnaround time and customer service have deteriorated, future tape releases will again be dubbed in house.  Hopefully this prevents situations like this from happening in the future.*  
Next, the Boycott Everything EP is nearing completion.  Nick TxP and I (let's be honest here, mostly Nick TxP), have been hard at work on it, and we're doing everything in our power to ensure an April release. 
NNT #015 - Our first co-release (w/ ThirdXParty Records) is the American pressing of Poison Planet - Boycott Everything. Five tracks of intense, ripping Hardcore that sounds like CoC and Discharge really dug the Plastic Surgery Disasters LP. Uncompromisingly political, PxP is out to prove that the Vegan Straight Edge isn't about bullshit dunks or dogmatic assholes, but making a conscious effort to fight back against the industries and institutions that have their boot to your fucking neck.
Poison Planet - Boycott Everything will be a one-sided 12", with screen printed B-Side, and poster.
We can fight, We can win.
Listen Here.
April will also see the release of three new Not Normal releases. First, Self Abuse will stop being treated like an unloved stepchild, and get it's due.  Seven tracks of burly HC not unlike 86 Mentality or Urban Blight, all the way from Sweden.  
After that, we're proud to announce the new era of Indianapolis HC.  NN will be simultaneously releasing the Side FX and Zodiacs demos.  Both bands rose from the ashes of Indy's finest, and I'll be damned if they don't put those to shame.
As you can see from the links above, Condenada, Recide, and Poison Planet tracks have been added to the Bandcamp.  In the coming weeks, I will be uploading the full albums for not only our current stock, but also all out of print NN releases.  Stay tuned.
Finally, True Believers,  a few tours to announce.
In April, Raw Nerve will be calling it quits.  We're playing a slew of shows through the Midwest and East Coast.  Make 'em if you can.
Thursday, April 5th Merrillville, IN w/ Sin Orden, Sea of Shit, Lead Pipe, Menanites, and Schizo Panic.
Friday, April 6th Pittsburgh, PA w/ Divine Right, TBA
Saturday, April 7th Philadelphia, PA @ Liberty Fest w/ Divine Right, Brown Sugar, Hoax, Shoppers, Leather, and many more
Sunday, April 8th NYC w/ Divine Right, Hoax, Veins, Chain Wallet
Monday, April 9th Raleigh, NC w/ Divine Right, Double Negative, Infeccion, Pure Scum

In June, you'll have the honor of seeing some combination of Sectarian Violence, Poison Planet, and The Outs in your hometown. 
Mon June 4 - Richmond, VA (SXV only)
Tues June 5 - Raleigh, NC (SXV only)
Wed June 6 - Pittsburgh, PA (SXV only)
Thurs June 7 - Columbus, OH (SXV only)
Fri June 8 - Indianapolis, IN (SXV/PxP)
Sat June 9 - Chicago, IL  (SXV/PxP) 
Sun June 10 - Detroit, MI  (SXV/PxP) 
Mon June 11 - Cleveland, OH  (SXV/PxP) 
Tues June 12 - Syracuse, NY  (SXV/PxP) 
Wed June 13 - Boston,MA  (SXV/PxP) 
Thurs June 14 - New Brunswick, NJ  (SXV/PxP) 
Fri June 15 - Baltimore, MD  (SXV/PxP) 
Sat June 16 - Washington, DC  (SXV/PxP) 
Sun June 17 -  Pittsburgh, PA (PxP/The Outs)
Mon June 18 - Huntington, WV (PxP/The Outs)
Tue June 19 - Louisville, KY (PxP/The Outs)
Wen June 20 - Bloomington, IN (PxP/The Outs)
Futuresight: Death of inactivity, A Network of Friends, Destroy/Fear

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