Friday, June 22, 2012

Self Abuse/Side FX Now Available

The title says it all.  The next two Not Normal Releases are now available.

NNT#016 -  Self Abuse - Demo - American repress of Sweden's Self Abuse 2010 Demo. Seven burly, pissed off tracks, along the lines of 86 Mentality or Urban Blight, the soundtrack for idiot skins to break bottles against walls. Get this shit!!!

NNT#017 - Side FX - Demo - The new era of Indianapolis Hardcore is here. Side FX (ex-Picked Clean) has graciously bestowed upon us four tracks of snottified, Straight Ahead worship, the lead singer sounding off like some petulant child. The real deal.

Get this shit before someone else does.
For those of you who snoozed and losed (or is snost and lost), we still have Poison Planet, Recide, and Condenada tapes available as well.

NNT#012 - Condenada - Discografia - After two records, the rumors were swirling (mostly among our own lame brained friends) that we had forgotten our proud and (self)-lauded trade of tape making.  Nonsense ramblings from a buncha fucking mutants, and we're proud to announce our return to the tape world, Condenada - Discografia.  15 track pro-tape covering their entire recorded output (Condenada EP, split w/ Sin Orden, Mother Tongue, and an abandoned split w/ CA's Bruise Violet).  Absolutely punishing, driving hardcore punk from Chicago, these ladies were/are a force to be reckoned with.  Do yourself a favor and pick this up.

NNT#013 - Recide - II - The great nation of Texas has long been home to some of history's greatest HC Punk bands.  Recide continues that proud tradition by blasting through seven tracks in under seven minutes of Koro/Void influenced jams.  No nonsense, no frills, just the anxiety and desperation spawned from being young weirdos from the middle of nowhere.

NNT #015 - Poison Planet - Boycott Everything EP - Our first co-release (w/ ThirdXParty Records) is the American pressing of Poison Planet - Boycott Everything.  Originally pressed as a 7" on Refuse Records out of Europe for Poison Planet's European tour in June 2011, the US version has been a year long project. The band felt that the 7" format lacked the visual impact that they intended and the lyrics and art had been rushed. The US version is a one sided 12" EP, with a screen printed "B" side. The front and back cover art have been updated and the lyric sheet has expanded from a small jam packed insert that was just columns of white text on a black background to include relevant imagery and additional essays. Lastly, to add to the final package they've included a 24"x36" black and white poster.

Comparisons are consistently made to early 80's Boston hardcore, early Corrosion of Conformity, The Repos, and with this release an emerging element of Dead Kennedys influence.

For this most recent update, we also stocked up on tons of great shit from Feral Kid, Feeble Minds, Pass Judgement, Shogun, Katorga Works, SPHC, and many others.  Head over to and get 'em while they're hot.
Broken Prayer Single
Menanites Tape
RazorXFade Repress
Welcome To 2012 Hardcore Comp
Zodiacs Tape

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