Friday, October 12, 2012

Not Normal Tapes proudly presents the Zodiacs demo and the RazorXFade repress. Also updated with some cool package deals and a slew of distro shit. Other notables include the final comp line-up and some clarifications in the subscription department.

NNT#00X - RazorXFade - S/T LP - After far too long a time, RazorXFade's stellar S/T LP is available again. For a short period, the 'Fades were the greatest band in Chicago and were certainly the world's finest in terms of Straight Edge. Musically and ethically they sounded off like a Craig Ahead driven Negative Approach. While other current SxE bands have contented themselves with worrying about the scene and endless T-Shirt designs, RazorXFade blurred the lines between hardcore and punk, combining sincere and uncompromising progressive politics with a seemingly conflicting shame and disgust for humanity.

This repress is a limited run, so don't sleep, True Believers.

NNT#018 - Zodiacs - Demo - Zodiacs, along with Side FX, are the ushers of the new age of Indianapolis HC and one listen to their demo will make you understand why. Super burly vocals spit rage over Donny's incredible Shipwrecked-meets-CCM guitar riffs. Destroy your local basement to SOP, chumps.

Next ten subscribers gets one of these VERY limited RazorXFade splatter variants. For free! Subscribing is the only way to get your hands on one, so please don't message me about purchasing it straight up.

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