Sunday, January 20, 2013

Holy hell, true believers.  A real whopper of an update here.  

First things first, we didn't get all the distro items we were waiting on this week, so I decided to just go ahead and update the damn thing anyways.  At long last, Broken Prayer - WOW! b/w Pull A Kaczynski, HAHA! #1, and Menanites - Demo are available for purchase, along with some choice distro items like the Recide, Spine, and Catatonic Youth EPs, Weird TV, Failure Face, and Night Birds LPs, Iron Youth and GAG demos, and a bunch of tapes from premier Midwestern tape label Ultrawaste.

Expect a mini-update with Green Beret and Broken Prayer LPs, the new Vaginors EP, and a slew of Texan (Blotter, Breakout, Glue) idiocy soon.

Head here, and do what needs doin' now.

As for those new releases, here's some info:

NNT#014 - HA HA! Fanzine #1 - New year (or two), new name.

HA HA! Fanzine is finally here, compiling various writings from the last few years, many of which were originally intended for the oft-delayed and finally dead and buried Dead Possession #2.  Contains Now Is The Now article (write-up on the top US bands and their respective scenes including: Dawn of Humans, Pukeoid, Culo, Confines, and Son Skull), record reviews, and, of course, unfounded opinions and shit talking, plus one of five possible center spreads of the above mentioned bands. B&W, 8.5"x7".

Subscribers get the fanzine, plus all 5 possible center spreads, in a special envelope.

NNT#019 - Broken Prayer - WOW! b/w Pull A Kaczynski - In anticipation of their soon-to-be-legendary LP on Sorry State Records, Broken Prayer wished to release a single showcasing their pop classic WOW! When BP's frontman approached Not Normal about releasing it, he handed me two envelopes: one with the tracks and a short letter requesting that the purveyors of taste and slime Not Normal assist in releasing them and a second only to be opened if we declined said request.  While I'm sure everything was on the up-and-up, I'm sincerely glad we agreed to release this one.

Broken Prayer is true weirdo music, synth-driven punk without the goofy goggles.  Crucifucks/No Trend cynicism and X-Ray Spex/Devo satire permeate the entire ordeal, the guitars screech and wail and the drums are pummeled into submission.  True Believers, this isn't one to miss out on.  350 on black vinyl housed in screen printed, white-on-black dust sleeves. 75 Band/Record Release editions, black vinyl housed in screen printed, white-on-red dust sleeves.  50 "Sorry State Records" edition, black vinyl housed in screen printed white-on-blue dust sleeves. 25 Subscriber-only editions, black vinyl housed in screen printed, white-on-green dust sleeves.  Subscriber editions also come with a copy of NNT#19.5, a limited run of Broken Prayer demos on cassette.

Listen Here.

NNT#021 - Menanites - Demo - Snotty, shitheaded punk from new NWI miscreants, Menanites. Takes equal cues from old KBD comps and the legions of Indiana Mutants that came before them.  11 track demo that features both Cher and Black Randy & the Metrosquad covers.  100 on blue tint cassette.

Subscriber editions come with Menanites official "One-Sheet," autographed by the world's newest teen heartthrobs.

Listen Here.

NNT#020 - Welcome to 2013 is all set to drop on February 23rd.  We'll be doing two release shows that day with a bunch of the bands showcased on the comp, plus some good friends.

Don't miss out on these shows or your chance to get the record.

Finally, Not Normal and good friends Hip Kid Records recently bought out the back stock of Underestimated Records.  We're just about done cataloging it all, so we'll post the available titles within the week.  Expect some stellar deals on these killer records.

Alright, that's it for now.  Stay tuned for a bunch of new release announcements, 2013 is going to be our craziest year yet.

Ralph and NNT

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