Sunday, August 25, 2013

It’s time for another NNT update, you freaks!

NNT #023 - Sucked Dry - Dog Children LP - Here it is, the squirming, writhing, two-ton, big-mouthed monstrosity you’ve all been waiting for: Sucked Dry’s debut LP Dog Children. Yeah, True Believers, the Age of Slime may be upon us, but Sucked Dry’s psychedelic mind fuck presents a terrifying look at what still has yet to pass with fifteen tracks of noisy, uncomfortable hardcore punk that pours equal parts Die Kruezen, Mecht Mensch, Minutemen, Rudimentary Peni, and Melvins into a blender, straps the foul concoction to a rocket, and launches that fucker straight through the sun. Don’t snooze.
Also available:
NNT#014 - HA HA! Fanzine #1 - New year (or two), new name.
HA HA! Fanzine is finally here, compiling various writings from the last few years, many of which were originally intended for the oft-delayed and finally dead and buried Dead Possession #2. Contains Now Is The Now article (write-up on the top US bands and their respective scenes including: Dawn of Humans, Pukeoid, Culo, Confines, and Son Skull), record reviews, and, of course, unfounded opinions and shit talking, plus one of five possible center spreads of the above mentioned bands. 24 pgs, B&W, 8.5”x7,” punk.
NNT #020 - Welcome To 2013 Compilation - 40 minutes of Hardcore Punk madness featuring new/exclusive tracks by Adjustment To Society, Aspirina Infantil, Big Crux, Bored Straight, Broken Prayer, Brown Sugar, Culo, Good Throb, Haute Couture, Hondartzako Hondakinak, Inservibles, NASA Space Universe, Negative Degree, Ooze, Porkeria, Tenement, and Thee Nodes and art by Amos Pitsch (Tenement), Ben Trogdon, Drugface, and Josh Davis. Comes in two-color screen printed jackets with a twenty page booklet.
NNT #022 - Curmudgeon - Amygdala LP - Fuck, true believers, we here at NNT (along with our friends at IFB and Parade of Spectres) have a monster of a record for you this time. Ah, Curmudgeon: at once the grimy reflection of and the unfaltering to the American culture of shit. That same culture which perpetuates the daily violence and degradation in our lives and has sold obedience as the ultimate virtue. Every aspect of this record throbs with palpable contempt, even the name, Amygdala, is a mocking stab at a society that has all but voluntarily ripped theirs out. Seven tracks of disgusting, blown-out filth from Boston’s premiere Hardcore Punk band. Comes with a beautiful screen printed foldover jacket, dust sleeve, and obi-strip once again flawlessly executed by the band’s own Ryan Stanis and screened by IFB.
Head over to and do what needs doing.
I also updated the Bandcamp with the entire Sucked Dry LP, so give a listen, ya mutants!
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